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10 Sedum Plants
10 Sedum Plants

10 Sedum Plants

( Family - Crassulaceae )

Sedum have leathery leaves and small pink flowers which bloom during the month of August.  They form large clusters of 12" to 18" stems forming from the middle covered with large decorative leaves.  This plant enjoys partial sun and dry to semi-dry well drained conditions.  It will come back each year, being a perennial, without any effort and is mainly admired for it`s foliage.  When flowers come out they are soon followed by butterflies and humming birds who relish their sweet nectar.

Most Sedum are easily increased by cuttings and even a leaf will often root.  They are also easy to increase by division.  Flowers from this plant are often used for making dried flower arrangements.

Plants are shipped without soil and roots are wrapped in moist towel.

Sedum plants are 3" to 6" tall at time of shipping

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