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24 Blue Violets
24 Blue Violets

24 Blue Violets

Viola Adunca

This is a hairy, compact plant growing from a small rhizome system. The leaves are spade- or heart-shaped, sometimes with broadly wavy margins. They are generally 1 to 4 centimetres long. The single-flowered inflorescence grows at the end of a long, very thin peduncle. The nodding flower is a violet with five purple petals, the lower three with white bases and purple veining. The two side petals are white-bearded near the throat. The upper two petals may have hooked spurs at their tips.

These violets inhabit varied environments including dry to moist meadows, coastal areas, open woods, grasslands, and open, disturbed ground; from lowlands to near timberline.  They are easy to grow and return each year making your garden jump with their beautiful blue-purple colour.

Seeds and Plant Production

Seeds experience dormancy and need up
to 120 days of wet, cool conditions to trigger germination
in the spring. For best establishment of seed production
fields, stratify seeds in a cooler, sow into plugs in a
greenhouse in late winter, and transplant out in spring.

Plants are sold without soil and wrapped in a moist towel.

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