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24 St. John`s Wort Plants
24 St. John`s Wort Plants

24 St. John`s Wort Plants

Hypericum perforatum

St. John`s wort Family (Guttiferae)

This perennial grows on average from 12 to 24 inches tall and is many
branched and usually clustered from a flattened base.

The flowers are yellow, and five petal with black dots on the margins.
St. John`s Wort blooms from June until September and can grow in poor
dry soils.

The glandular dots on this plant`s leaves contain a photo toxin which
can make some people susceptible to sunburn and dermatitis.

St. John`s Wort is said to first bloom on the June 24, feast of St.
John`s Day.

Plants average 5 to 8 inches tall at time of shipping and are sold
without soil.  The roots are carefully washed and wrapped in moist cloth.

All items are shipped express.

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