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12 Blue Flag Iris Plants (Wild Iris)
12 Blue Flag Iris Plants  (Wild Iris)

12 Blue Flag Iris Plants

(Wild Iris)

(Iris versicolor)

Iris Family (Iridaceae)

This perennial grows from 2 to 3 feet high, with flowers of a
blue-voilet with darker veins and yellow, green and white colouring
toward the bace or middle of the flower.  They have 3 petal-like sepals
which spread horizontally with 3 petal-like styles arching over them,
and 3 narrower and erect petals.  Blue Flag Iris bloom from May until

They make and excellent addition to any pond or garden

For the Pond

Blue Flag Iris can be placed in one gallon plastic flower pots.  Just
fill the flower pots with one third gravel, then one third topsoil.  Add
one plant and hold up strait while adding more gravel until the pot is
full.  Now place the flower pot in your pond in six to eighteen inches
of water.  They will return each year without any effort.

They grow great in ponds or any water container outside.

Let them freeze and they will come back.

For the Garden

Plant them in your garden or lane way, they make excellent borders. They
will reproduce and make large clusters of bright blue flowers and long
slender leaves.

All plants are shipped without soil and the roots are wrapped in moist

All items shipped express.

Thank you
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