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12 Ostrich Ferns
12 Ostrich Ferns

12 Ostrich Fern
Matteuccia struthiopteris

Also known as the fiddlehead fern the ostrich fern is a popular ornamental fern in gardens. It has gained the Royal Horticultural Society`s Award of Garden Merit.  The tightly wound immature fronds, called fiddleheads, and are also used as a cooked vegetable, and are considered a delicacy.  They will grow in wet areas even if the area is only wet for a while in the spring.  Once established, it will grow to a height of three to six feet with a spread about the same. Ostrich fern grows in vase-shaped clumps called crowns. The showy, arching, sterile fronds are plume-like and reminiscent of the tail feathers of the bird from which the common name is derived.
  Ostrich Ferns give a tropical look around any pond or garden and will spread and produce new plants year after year.  They should be planted in a shallow hole that has plenty of room for spreading roots. Make sure the crown sits just above soil level. Fill in around the roots with any average soil and water well. Take care of ostrich ferns for the first year or so by watering regularly.

  Ostrich Fern Houseplants

Thinking of bringing this exotic looking bit of nature indoors? Ostrich fern houseplants do well as long as their outdoor growing conditions are met. Keep them out of direct light and keep them moist. Be prepared though for an occasional dormant season where your plant needs time to rejuvenate.
Ostrich fern houseplants need plenty of water and humidity levels that are higher than what is normally found indoors. Misting will help.
You get 12 ostrich ferns with this order and average plant height is 12
Fern are sold without soil and shipped with moss wrapped around their roots.
Thank you
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