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100 White Birch Tree Seeds
100 White Birch Tree Seeds

White Birch Tree Seeds

100 Seeds

(Betula papyrifera)

Birch Family (Betulaceae)

Zone 2 - 7

White Birch trees are a hardwood, deciduous which can grow up to 75 feet
tall and occasionally reach over 90 feet in height.

Their leaves are alternate, slender-stalked, simple, egg-shaped to
triangular, sharply pointed at tip, straight to rounded or slightly
heart-shaped at base.  The upper surface is dull green with a paler
under side, and slightly hairy with margins singly to doubly shallowly
toothed from tip.

White Birch trees can live in all moisture regimes and soil textures, but prefers well-drained, slightly acid sandy loam soils

One of the best known traditional uses of birch by aboriginal peoples is
the construction of birch-bark canoes.  These peoples also used birch
bark as a waterproof layer on wigwams and to make items such as torches,
funnels, splints, spoons, dishes and artwork. Birch bark was often
wrapped around foodstuffs and sometimes ever bodies to prevent their
decay.  In emergency situations, birch bark can be used to protect eyes
from damage that may be caused by the extreme brightness of the sun
reflecting on snow.  Placing strips of birch bark over the eyes protects
them while allowing some visibility through the natural openings in the

Seeds are harvested every year and only the newest viable seeds are shipped out.

Seeds are already stratified and ready to germinate, most will sprout in the first two weeks at room temperature.  White Birch can grow fast, from 12" to 20" within the first year if started early and properly taken care of.  36" to 48" tall can be reached by the end of the second year under ideal conditions.

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